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Sure, there may be some government subsidies going around to help businesses use more technologies, but the big question is -- why are some of these technologies so expensive?

Sometimes, this becomes a highly inefficient process. Small businesses do not want to spend money on technologies that will make them more efficient, and they may do so with subsidies. However, the process for vendors to qualify to be able to develop the solutions and the customer to get the subsidies is not easy, and often priced into the solution.

A simple e-menu with ordering system that sends orders to the kitchen and customers to make payment will easily cost anything from $7,000 - $30,000. Even when the government provides 80% subsidies for businesses that qualify, there is still a lot of paperwork to be done. Some vendors do provide the service of getting someone to work on the paperwork for their clients, but this person is often part of the cost.

In fact, the whole paperwork and cost to get a vendor to qualify can easily be up to 50% of the cost of the first project. There are also limits on some grants, and it could run out as well.

For F&B businesses, there are some grants but also caps. Sadly, this uncertainty does make the vendor want to price higher for the risks involved and the whole process does become unpredictable sometimes.

The process is also not as straightforward and easy as expected and consultants for these subsidies exist just to help with the paperwork, and they do not come cheap, and cost up to 30% of the value of the project.

For a QR queue management system, we can use it for many things, like contacting diners when their food is ready at a hawker center or a food court. It also be used to let diners at a restaurant know their takeaway or table is ready.

For a low cost of $1 a month, we believe in providing the needed solution to the F&B operators without the hassle of applying for grants. We have a solution that works. We just want to cover our costs.

Do you need a government grant for $1 a day + $0.05 per SMS sent? You decide. We just want to provide the solution and you can use it in any way you want.

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The COVID-19 crisis has affected many different businesses and our lives may never be the same for a long time. Some businesses have failed, many lost their jobs, and the new rules and regulations have shaped the way we do things.

In Singapore, the QR Codes are getting common as we use QR codes for SafeEntry into many locations for contact tracing. At the same time, as people are more familiar with QR Codes, this enabled a lot of new technologies to make things more efficient.

With the new restrictions, some restaurants have capacity reduced by the social distancing measures and the queues are longer.

To solve this problem with a quick and efficient solution, we created, QRQMS, QR Queue Management System. This system just uses a QR Code to add customer into a queue to enter the restaurant, and they get an SMS when their table is ready.

No Systems integration, no hardware installation. We plan to make this affordable, and require no subsidies to use.

Beta testing is now open, and companies can try this solution for free. Come contact us to find out more.

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