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Quick Simple Queue System

The COVID-19 crisis has affected many different businesses and our lives may never be the same for a long time. Some businesses have failed, many lost their jobs, and the new rules and regulations have shaped the way we do things.

In Singapore, the QR Codes are getting common as we use QR codes for SafeEntry into many locations for contact tracing. At the same time, as people are more familiar with QR Codes, this enabled a lot of new technologies to make things more efficient.

With the new restrictions, some restaurants have capacity reduced by the social distancing measures and the queues are longer.

To solve this problem with a quick and efficient solution, we created, QRQMS, QR Queue Management System. This system just uses a QR Code to add customer into a queue to enter the restaurant, and they get an SMS when their table is ready.

No Systems integration, no hardware installation. We plan to make this affordable, and require no subsidies to use.

Beta testing is now open, and companies can try this solution for free. Come contact us to find out more.

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